A few additional notes.

Geraldine - I wanted to create a central character the reader doesn’t know a lot about; which leaves a lot up to the imagination and also a reason to want to discover this character. Geraldine isn’t particularly a nice person but has good values. We’ll get to know her more as the story progresses.  I was thinking of the naming this series “Courier Girl” or “Post Woman” but the names sounded devaluing to me even if they make sense to the era or in general. Why can’t a woman be seen as just a person? Then again I named my 24 hr comic “Galah Girl”, although that made sense given the context and theme. It all comes down to feeling I think.  

Purbly - Before I conceived “Courier” I wanted to create a comic around “Purbly The cat”. I imagined Dusty Springfield losing her cat back in the 1960s and searching for it all over London with the aid of the Beatles.  I didn’t develop it due to legal complexities, and the idea of using role characters as replacements didn’t appeal to me either. I’m much happier I came up with something more original like “Courier” that is set in Tasmanian History.  

Tasmanian Tiger - You’ve probably noticed Courier isn’t all about Tassie Tigers. But the tiger represents chasing your dreams and hanging on to hope. People really needed these things during the great depression and WW2… and now of course!

Kora – First of all I’d like to say I did not name Kora after “The legend Of Korra”. I sourced the name from a golden retriever named Kora. I’m sure of the exact spelling, but the owner told me it’s an indigenous name. So there you go – Kora is named after a dog. It’s relevant because the totem on her arm band is a dingo.

Mr. Hodge – I wanted to introduce more good-guy male characters into the story line. Having said that; I feel kinda bad portraying Taylor especially as such a sleaze, because he is actually a softie underneath all that. Tim is much more sinister.  

Evelyn was originally created as a minor character but I’ve discovered she’s more key to the story than I initiated.