Question: Do you take commissions?

Answer: Yes, between productions. Here’s an idea of my prices for a single character request of your choice:

Sketch Cover $75 Inked b/w plus postage

A4 full figure, Inked on Bristol board b/w $90 plus postage

A3 full figure, Inked on Bristol board b/w $150 plus postage


Question: Will you be interested in pencilling/inking or scripting my comic or manga?

Answer: Please ask me. I’m open to working for others if you are prepared to pay me for my time and the subject/project appeals to me. Otherwise I might as well be working on the next issue of COURIER!  


Question: Are you happy to look at my work and give me feedback or at least some advice about making comics and self publishing?

Answer: Yes love to; please show me your work! I can’t guarantee I’ll get back to everyone. Message me on my fb page or fill the form above if you have any questions. If you are thinking about working for publishers then fish around for the creators who work with them, as I can only offer the knowledge gained from self publishing. Feel free to talk to me at any conventions and appearances!


Question: Are you open to conducting a talk/workshop at my event?

Answer: Sure, if it’s relevant to comic production and artistic wellbeing it can be negotiated.


Question: Are you from Tasmania?

Answer: Yes I grew on King Island. (But that’s not the mainland of Tasmania where COURIER is set)


Statement: I love your work and would like to sponsor your comic COURIER

Answer: that is really flattering; please contact me via my fb or email above to discuss. I don’t have a patron account, but may create one in the future.


Question: Are you open to licensing contracts for COURIER?

Answer: Yes definitely; send me an email by filling the form above.


Statement: I am a major publisher and interested in publishing your comic book series so it can reach more people across the world.

Answer: Please send me an email by filling the form above.